Life Long Dreams

The mission of Life Long Dreams is to Work with the Disabled to Encourage Expression and Build Confidence using the performing and visual arts as our vehicle. Changing Lives One Person At A Time, One Family At A Time, One Day At A Time.

Our Origin – Zach Warriner was a quiet, shy boy who stayed in the background for fear of rejection. You see, Zach was a special needs child who was often picked on and bullied by his peers. But the one thing Zach was really good at was singing. One day his mother, Cathy, gave him a toy microphone as a gift and Zach transformed into a confident, charismatic entertainer. Cathy wondered if other special needs children would react the same if given a microphone. When she found that they did, Life Long Dreams (LLD) was created. LLD continues to be a place for special needs children and young adults use the performing, visual and media arts to reflect their personalities not concentrate on their disabilities.