Elizabeth Shafer Memorial Scholarship

CCSD Nevada seniors interested in pursuing a degree in the culinary field may apply. A minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA is required and financial need will be considered. Applicants must be United States citizens, either by birth or naturalization. One scholarship in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded.

Verification of college enrollment (class schedule) will be required during the summer before check is mailed to the college. Scholarship funds must be applied toward tuition, fees and other appropriate educational expenses. These funds will be disbursed in equal payments over two semesters.

Elizabeth Shafer Memorial Scholarship
Supplemental Questions
  1. Please include a visual sample of your artwork or culinary talents. This could be a sketch, a photograph or photocopy of something that you have created. Please provide this sample in the form of an image file (.jpg or .gif); size limit 500 mb. If you have any difficulty including this image, please contact the foundation.
  2. Essay (200 words) Explain your college/career goals and aspirations.
  3. Financial Statement - Please include your family annual income and why you need assistance with your college expenses.
  4. Are you a U.S. citizen? (Required for application for this opportunity)
  5. Please list colleges/universities you have applied to and the major(s)/minor(s) you plan to study if you attend there:
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