Achieve Beyond the Caps (ABC) Scholarship - for Communities In Schools

The Achieve Beyond the Caps (ABC) Scholarship is only for Communities In Schools’ (CIS) case-managed students. This scholarship is intended to celebrate and encourage students who have dug deep within themselves to successfully put their life and education on a positive path, doing whatever it takes to rise above the obstacles or challenges, and to learn to believe in themselves and their future. It is to support student(s) with their post-secondary education (4-year colleges, 2-year colleges/programs, trade school, etc.). Two (2) scholarships in the amount of $1,500 each will be awarded. Scholarships may be renewed for up to an additional 3 years for a total of $6,000 per scholarship.

Verification of college enrollment (class schedule) will be required during the summer before a check is mailed to the college. Scholarship funds must be applied toward tuition, fees and other appropriate educational expenses. These funds will be disbursed in equal payments over two semesters.

Communities In Schools (CIS) of Southern Nevada
$1,500.00 - Renewable
Supplemental Questions
  1. Are you currently a student in the Communities in School's Senior Seminar Class where you work with a CIS Site Coordinator and a High School teacher?
  2. Please list 3 other scholarships on the PEF website that look interesting to you.
  3. Please enter your Communities In Schools (CIS) Site Coordinator's name and email address (Ensure the email address entered is accurate). If your CIS Site Coordinator requires assistance uploading this form, please have him/her contact Treasha Parker at
  4. Do you plan to attend college, university, or an accredited trade school program next year?
  5. Essay: Please choose TWO of the following Essay prompts to answer. The TWO essays you choose to respond to, Must EACH be 250 words or more. For the other 2 essay prompts not chosen, please write "N/A" in the response section.
    • 1.) Why is pursuing a college education important to you?
    • 2.) What life experience(s) have shaped who you are today?
    • 3.) Describe someone or something that made a lasting impression in your life.
    • 4.) How do you plan on giving back to the community in the future?
    • 5.) Write about what you are you passionate about. Explain how you discovered this passion and how it has contributed to your growth as a person.
  6. Please upload your most current transcript (unofficial). This transcript must include your grades from the first semester of your senior year and be dated post January 1, 2021.
  7. Here you will find the CIS Site Coordinator Verification Form upload by PEF Scholarships PLUS on behalf of CIS Site Coordinators ONLY if he/she experienced issues uploading the form themselves.
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